Accredited Employer Work Visa – Visa application

Accredited Employer work visa instructions


The minimum guaranteed remuneration for the employment determines the ability of an Accredited Employer work visa holder to support temporary visas for family members.

Applying for an Accredited Employer work visa

  • An Accredited Employer work visa application must be made using the approved online form provided on the INZ website.
  • Applicants must include evidence demonstrating that they meet the Accredited Employer work visa instructions, including:
    • a copy of the employment agreement; and
    • a copy of the signed offer of employment; and
    • a Job Check number (a number referring to a job that has been approved as part of a Job Check application) from the accredited employer that has offered them employment, that:
      • is for a Job Check that was current at the time the application was submitted; and
      • is not currently being used for another Accredited Employer work visa application; and
      • has not previously been used for an Accredited Employer work visa application that was approved.

The signed offer of employment does not have to be a separate document to the employment agreement.

Determining an Accredited Employer work visa

An immigration officer may grant an Accredited Employer work visa if they are satisfied that the applicant:

  • meets the generic work visa requirements for applicants; and
  • holds an appropriate offer of employment; and
  • is suitably qualified by training and experience to do the job they have been offered,

Requirements for the employment offered

The offer of employment must be genuine and include the following information:

  • name, address, telephone number of the employer; and
  • name and address of the person to whom the job is offered; and
  • a full job description including:
    • the job title or designation; and
    • the address of the place of employment if different from that in paragraph (I) above; and
    • the type of work, duties and responsibilities involved; and
    • details of pay and conditions of employment; and
    • the hours of work; and
    • the duration of the job; and
    • how long the job offer is open.

The offer of employment must be from an accredited employer (as defined at WA2.60.1).

The following details of the employment offered must be the same as those approved as part of the Job Check application:

  • the location of the job; and ii. the occupation; and
  • the hours of work (the minimum guaranteed hours of work must not be less, and the maximum hours must not be more, than those approved as part of the Job Check application); and
  • the remuneration (the remuneration must be within the range approved as part of the Job Check application); and
  • All other terms and conditions of the employment offered (for example leave entitlements and notice periods) must be the same as, or more favourable to the applicant than, those provided as part of the Job Check application.

Accredited Employer work visa holders who wish to support their dependent child’s visitor or student visa application, must meet a minimum income threshold specified at V3.10.10 or U8.20. The visa holder’s dependent child will be assessed against criteria set out in V3.10 or U8.20.

Supporting Dependent Children

Parents holding Accredited Employer work visas may be liable for deportation if the dependent child’s visa application is declined under these instructions and the dependent child becomes unlawful.

It will be a condition of the dependent child’s visa and the parent/s visa(s) that the parent/s must maintain the minimum income threshold for the duration of their dependent child’s visa. If the threshold is not maintained the parent/s and child may be liable for deportation.

Where both parents hold Accredited Employer work visas (or Accredited Employer and Essential Skills work       

visas), their incomes may be combined to meet the minimum income threshold. The minimum income threshold excludes employment-related allowances.

Currency and conditions of Accredited Employer work visas

An Accredited Employer work visa may be granted for the period for which the employment is offered, up to a maximum of 3 years.

Accredited Employer work visas will be subject to conditions that the holder:

  • may only work in a specified occupation; and
  • may only work for a specified employer; and
  • may only work in a specified location; and
  • must be paid at or above a specified remuneration level; and
  • must provide evidence of the payment of remuneration if requested by an immigration officer        

An Accredited Employer work visa holder may be placed with a controlling third party if the job approved as part of the employer’s Job Check application involved the employee being placed in a triangular employment arrangement.