Work Visa

There are a vast range of employment opportunities in New Zealand, all of which require a valid work visa if you are not a New Zealand Citizen or Resident.

A Work Visa may be granted, depending on your specific case;

  • as a consequence of a valid job offer, or
  • without a job offer

The correct selection of work visa is critical to a successful application and may include both temporary and residence class visas.

Contact our team to discuss your specific circumstances and let us assist you select the most appropriate visa to meet your needs, both short and ling-term. We can manage the process for you from start to finish.

  • The cost is not significant.

Things you need to consider include;

  1. The type of employment
  2. Length of employment contract
  3. The salary being offered
  4. Full time or part time
  5. Your skills and experience
  6. Your qualifications
  7. Your family situation
  8. The qualifications skills and experience of your partner
  9. The location of the job
  10. Your level of English Language
  11. Your Health and that of your family
  12. Your Character
  13. Is the position included in the NZ Skills Shortage Lists
  14. Are your Skills, Experience, qualifications in demand / on the Skills Shortage Lists
  15. Your age

For additional information on the work visa options available:

Ask us for details of the less common work visa options.