Student Visa

Student Visas as a general rule are quite straight forward, however there are a number of areas that should be given consideration when making your application.

  • Have you received advice or assistance from someone or an organisation that is not qualified to do so?
Immigration Advisers Licensing Act Section 9.
No acceptance of immigration applications or requests from unlicensed immigration advisers
(1)No immigration application or request put forward on behalf of another person by an unlicensed immigration adviser may be accepted, unless the adviser is exempt from the requirement to be licensed under section 11.
(2)The chief executive of the department of State that has, with the authority of the Prime Minister, assumed responsibility for the administration of the Immigration Act 2009 must so far as practicable ensure that immigration forms and information brochures prepared or provided by that department advise that, in accordance with subsection (1), immigration applications or requests provided or prepared on behalf of another person by persons who are neither licensed immigration advisers nor exempt from the requirement to be licensed will not be accepted.
(3)Where an immigration application or request on behalf of another person is not accepted by reason of contravening subsection (1), the relevant person or body must notify that person in writing of that fact, and advise the person as to how the application or request may be relodged or advanced in an acceptable manner.
  • Think Strategically

If your purpose to use study as a pathway to residence then you should think strategically and ensure you have put in place all aspects of the ultimate residence application well in advance. It is worthwhile talking to one of experts in this area to ensure that you are able to achieve residence as quickly and cost effectively as possible.