Entrepreneur Visa – Residence Class Business based visa

The Entrepreneur Visa can be an effective method of migrating to New Zealand on a permanent basis.

The application is a points based system, where points are awarded for various attributes of the application.

The process for doing this is quite involved and will require professional guidance.

In simple terms a number of steps are involved;

  1. Contact our team for a free consultation and assessment of your needs
  2. Complete a points assessment utilising our inhouse systems
  3. Identify the most appropriate structure and application basis to achieve your specific objectives
  4. Develop and document a “REAL” business plan
  5. Collate all required information
  6. Complete the application documentation
  7. File the application

If accepted you will then be granted a temporary class work visa to enable you and your family to come to New Zealand and implement your business plan.

Once you have established the business you will be granted an entrepreneur visa

Progress will then be monitored by Immigration New Zealand at various times to ensure you are complying with the terms of your visa’s.

At the end of the visa period (depending on your level of investment) you will be assessed in terms of whether you have met the requirements of the visa. This assessment will determine whether you are able to apply for permanent residence, a visa extension or have not met your visa requirements.

Included in our team are qualified accountants who understand business and have the skills to professionally assist you through all elements of the process.