Temporary Visa – Bona fide

E5.1 Definition of ‘bona fide applicant’

A bona fide applicant for temporary entry is a person who:

  1. genuinely intends a temporary stay in New Zealand for a lawful purpose; and
  2. in the opinion of an immigration officer is not likely:
    1. to remain in New Zealand unlawfully; or
    2. to breach the conditions of any visa granted; or
    3. to be unable to leave or be deported from New Zealand (seeĀ E5.10).

As an applicant for a temporary visa you must conclusively demonstrate that your visit to NZ meets the above criteria. If INZ is not satified that your intentions are bona fide you may not be granted;

  • a visa to travel to New Zealand
  • entry into New Zealand at the Border